Our Friends, Catch Your Cook and Our Saltwater Environment

Cook Your Catch

We have great restaurants next to the North End Charter Fleet Docks. Most will cook your catch for a great way to end your fishing trip. Your captains will clean your catch and if you wish, arrange with the Skull Creek Dockside Restaurant, Skull Creek Boathouse Restaurant or Hudson's Seafood Restaurant, to prepare your meal. This service is not always available but if so, it is a great way to end your fishing trip.

Friends of North End Charter Fleet

- Skull Creek Dockside Restaurant is Hilton Head Island's newest waterfront restaurant and the newest restaurant from The SERG Restaurant Group. The North End Charter Fleet docks are directly behind the Dockside Restaurant

- Skull Creek Boathouse Restaurant supporting the North End Charter Fleet with logos of our fishing boats in the restaurant. Another great SERG Group Restaurant.

- Hudson's Seafood Restaurant A first-rate seafood restaurant

- Hilton Head Boathouse Boat Sales, Storage

Supporting our Saltwater Environment

The sustainability of our fishing environment is of utmost importance to our fishing fleet. The North End Charter Fleet supports the efforts of organizations with that purpose. For example, carcasses of certain fish, cobia in particular, are studied by the Waddell Mariculture Center to determine the health of fish species in the Port Royal Sound Area. The NECF saves fish samples for Waddell in support of that effort.

- Waddell Mariculture Center
- Port Royal Sound Foundation